My name is Ray Wickham. My wife Julie and I live in Northern Virginia, out in the country not too far from our nation's Capitol - near many Civil War battlefields and attractions. We both enjoy spending time out of doors and we thought, "What better business to be in than selling things related to being outdoors?" So, here we are! We hope you'll become a regular visitor to our little shop, and maybe even contribute an idea or two along the way. We look forward to a long relationship, and hope you do, too.

Ray & Julie in front of a giant redwood tree

We're going to be constantly adding and updating our products and product lines. You'll have a great deal of influence over that, as well, if you want. If you don't buy it, we're not selling it. If it's something you want, you ask us for it, and if we can get it at a price we can both live with, it'll be in the shop. Vote with your wallet, just like we do!

Enough about us. Kick back and look around. Spend some time getting to know what we offer and buy a few things. Then, drop me an email or send a message through the button on the bottom right of the page. Let me know what you think - or chat about anything else you want to. Look forward to hearing from you.


Ray Wickham

My Place 4 Gear

Sumerduck, Virginia


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