64 Piece Fly Fishing Box, with Wet & Dry Flies & Streamers


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This great 64 piece set includes assorted hand-tied wet & dry flies in a double-sided ABS waterproof fly-box.

The Flies Features:

  • 21 different styles, 6 different hook sizes, 5 different files
  • 8 different styles, 3 different hook sizes, 3 different files
  • Hand-tied by professionals on chemically sharpened carbon steel hooks
  • Unique life-like fly patterns, effectively imitate hoppers, crickets, ladybugs, ants and more
  • Vivid colors, effectively draw gamefish's attention, suitable for flowing and still waters
  • The most popular and productive flies are chosen by the manufacturer to make up an excellent selection. Please note: 1-2 flies might be different from what's in the picture due to them being 100% hand-tied, thank you for your understanding.

The Box Features:

  • Double-sided sturdy ABS
  • Waterproof rubber seal
  • Compact design to easily fit in your pocket
  • Clear plastic allows quick fly selection

4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

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